Traffic deaths across the United States increased 14% over the last two years. In 2016, nearly 6,000 pedestrians died – the highest number in more than two decades. Data science collaboration has the potential to reverse this trend – this Challenge aims to do just that.

What is the Challenge?

The National Transportation Data Challenge is a series of community problem-solving events, roundtables, hackathons, demonstrations, and tutorials/trainings to build and strengthen collaborative data science projects that advance transportation safety.

When/where are upcoming in-person Challenge Events?

  • Los Angeles, CA (Oct 12) AI for good: Big Data Challenges for Disaster Response and Recovery
  • Washington DC (Nov 9) Save the Date for the Challenge Finale Event, featuring the projects, outputs, and outcomes of the Challenge

In addition to these in-person events and any additional events that will be announced here, we continue to host open, online Challenge Community conference calls leading up to the Finale. Details for the calls are shared on our EVENTS PAGE, through email updates (sign up below!), and on social media with #BDHubs.

What community events have been held so far?

  • Seattle, WA (May 2-3, 2017): Microsoft and Amazon cloud training, Fireside Chat with the Chief Data Officer of the U.S. Department of Transportation, and livestreamed Challenge Launch Event with 15 Lightning Talks from industry, academia, nonprofits, and government, hosted by the West Hub
  • Boulder, CO (June 5-6): Spotlight on Metro Data Science panel at the West Hub Open Annual All Hands Meeting, and Special Session on the Challenge hosted with Category Chairs from Google, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, ESRI, MachineZone/Satori, University of Chicago, and the Nevada Governor's Office
  • Washington, DC (June 9) Transportation Discussions and Panels at the South Hub All Hands Meeting
  • Ann Arbor, MI (June 22-23) Big Data for Transportation and Mobility Workshop sponsored by the Midwest Hub and hosted at University of Michigan
  • Austin, TX (June 26-27) Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo Panel and Smart Cities Data Challenge Team Lead Kickoff: Big Data Hubs leaders spoke about the Challenge at these two complementary events hosted by the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Innovation Alliance, and Smart Cities Lab.

Who is involved?

The National Science Foundation Regional Big Data Innovation Hubs are hosting the Challenge, with a growing list of big data partners from industry, academia, and government:

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Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub:
Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub:
South Big Data Hub:
West Big Data Hub:






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