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Challenge Community Call: Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
1:00 PM13:00

Challenge Community Call: Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

Wednesday, Sept. 20 Challenge Community Call focused on Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

10am PT/ 1pm ET

  • Led by Katie Naum and Rene Baston (Northeast Big Data Hub), and Robert Hoffer and Joyce Morrell (Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Category co-Chairs)
  • Join the call: or dial 510-925-0403
  • This is the first community call for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety topic of the National Transportation Data Challenge.  Join us as the West Coast and East Coast co-chairs team up to discuss how we might promote bike sharing, improve Bike Share safety, security and availability.  
  • We'll talk about the benefits of bike sharing, partnership ideas and how Live Data offers solutions to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety.
  • Get more information on bike share feeds published on at
  • You can learn more about the National Transportation Data Challenge, including ways to get involved and resources available to participants, at
  • We'll use this as a whiteboard space / place to share ideas on data, tools, and other resources:
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