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Community Call: Multiple Data Streams

To effectively address safety issues requires the integration of multiple disparate data sources, some historic, some drawn from real time data, and in many cases, to integrate multiple technologies to analyze and understand crash data.  This call will focus on how we can address and solve these issues:

  • Introduction: Terry Bills, Global Transportation Industry Director, Esri

  • An example from New York: Amen Ra Mashariki, Esri

  • B2G Collaboration:  Meeting at the Open Source.  Dave Goodsmith of will share how ESRI, and other industry data leaders are interconnecting open source technologies to provide actionable analytics for Transportation Challenge participants.  

To join the call TDC Community Call:

Dial in: 510-925-0403 | No PIN needed

Remember to register for the Transportation Data Challenge Summit (Nov 9, Washington, D.C.) at



Terry Bills

Global Transportation Industry Director, Esri

Terry Bills is responsible for all transportation segments worldwide.  He has over 25 years experience in transportation planning and policy, information technology and GIS.  

Mr. Bills has been a Principal Planner for a large regional transportation planning agency, as well as the President of a GIS and transportation consulting firm during his career.  He was a Doctoral Candidate at UCLA, where he was also awarded two Masters’ degrees.

Amen Ra Mashariki, Esri


Alberto Nieto

Solution Engineer, Esri

Alberto Nieto is a geographer, python developer, and spatial analyst who helps GIS users find innovative solutions to important spatial problems.

Prior to joining Esri, Alberto accumulated a decade of experience that includes working at the Census Bureau, NOAA’s Office of Satellite and Product Operations, the NWS Climate Prediction Center, and Capital One. His work focused on the automation of data pipelines for spatial data derived from weather forecast models, and developing predictive supply and demand models for consumer behavior in the finance sector to drive multi-million dollar decisions.

Alberto currently advises the US Department of Transportation and other national government agencies on applying GIS and spatial analysis to make informed decisions. His BA is from the University of Florida.

Dave Goodsmith

Managing Data Scientist and Director of Strategic Partnerships,

Dave Goodsmith is a reformed neuroeconomist who speaks and writes about collaborative data science.  He has over a decade of experience in NLP and machine learning and has consulted with scores of global organizations.  His data visualizations and analytics on data science topics ranging from national campaign finance to online gambling have garnered millions of views in outlets including VentureBeat, the Los Angeles Times, and Forbes.  Dave is data science faculty at General, and led DataKind’s Data Corps.   His MBA is from CUNY and his BA is from Harvard College. Full bio at