Metro Data Science Activities/Organizations in the West


Data Science Inc.,

Based in Culver City, CA, DataScience, Inc. combines human intellect with machine-powered analysis to extract information from data that drives real results. From IoT to online retail, DataScience works with leading organizations across industries to solve some of their most pressing business challenges.


Civic Ninjas


Utah groups (Front Analytics, Evolve STEAM, Utah Geek)


MetroLab Network

participating western cities: San Diego, Boulder/Denver, Seattle, Portland, Santa Fe


Urban@UW - University of Washington is home to a remarkably large group of faculty, students, and staff engaged in diverse urban research, teaching, and practice spanning all of city life. We have established strong partnerships with local and global stakeholders, integrating the extraordinary scholarship that occurs at UW with the issues faced by the city of Seattle and beyond. By addressing our community’s needs, Urban@UW emboldens the academic mission of our public university. We tackle the challenges of urban areas today, for the cities of tomorrow.


eScience Data Science for Social Good - modeled after similar program at the University of Chicago and Georgia Tech as well as our own Data Science Incubator, the eScience DSSG program brings together data and domain scientists to work on collaborative, data-intensive projects with positive societal benefit.


DataKind,, many levels and types of engagement from citizen science to DataKind Labs which are year-long projects in conjunction with partners across sectors - DataKind Labs currently have a project with Microsoft and the city of Seattle on vision zero. They work with many prominent organization in the data science for good space including Bill and Melinda Gates, Chicago DSSG, etc.


Bayes Impact, - focus areas in health, unemployment, justice. They have an in-house full-time team of DS to work on a small number of high impact projects. Not citizen science, closed process. “We are a group of full-time data scientists, engineers, and academics who believe data science can be used to solve the world's most ambitious problems. We are a group of pragmatists who have seen first-hand how data science can solve industry problems at scale.” Prominent funder groups.


Statistics for Social Good, Stanford University - We're connecting with non-profits, government agencies, social advocacy groups, domain experts, and campus institutions to identify the concrete social problems that can benefit from improved data analysis and the statistical and computational techniques needed to achieve these improvements. We are motivated by a variety of social issues but are especially focused on problems stemming from economic inequities, like poverty, hunger, human trafficking, and unequal access to education. Many of our findings are documented on the collaborative  social good hub maintained by Stats for Change at     


DrivenData, - At DrivenData, we want to bring cutting-edge practices in data science and crowdsourcing to some of the world's biggest social challenges and the organizations taking them on. We host online challenges, usually lasting 2-3 months, where a global community of data scientists competes to come up with the best statistical model for difficult predictive problems that make a difference. Host competitions.


US Ignite - Our organization is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with original inspiration from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Science Foundation, and our deeply experienced team is responsible for convening US Ignite partners in industry, academia and government to identify and share best practices and resources. - See more at: 3 focus areas align with hub: health, public safety, and transportation

URBAN-X - contact is Frank Yu, a smart cities venture accelerator from HAX and MINI. Program selects a small number of startups twice a year to invest in, and provides them with office and makerspace for 3+ months in NYC, culminating in a demo day in front of media and investors. We also provide extensive mentoring, access to customers, and most importantly, on-site design and engineering talent from HAX and BMW mentors-in-residence who work with founders throughout the program. Topic areas we’re working on include mobility, distributed energy, urban safety and security, food / waste / water, urban living and construction (IoT), city data, and urban sensor networks. Our manufacturing experience and in-house resources give us a unique ability to help startups who have a hardware focus.