Goal: data science innovation and partnership building
— https://www.nsf.gov/cise/bdspokes/index.jsp


The goal of this project is to enable engagement from every stakeholder and sector of industry, academia, and government.  Here are a number of suggested ways you and your organization can participate. 

Providing a contact to work with the organizers, or one data scientist on the organizer team, to help curate good problems to address by using big data compute resources applied to autonomous data. 



By supporting the efforts of the big data innovation program and its partners in this challenge (bigdatahubs.io), partners can make a major impact through retweeting alone or participating in the hashtagged conversations on social media. 


Provide event-based, or virtual, or occasional, mentorship to challenger participants and governments and academics over the year who wish to apply data science and machine learning to transportation safety and big data. 



Specific trainings at the Seattle, Vegas, or other events can serve to illustrate how a firm's engineers think about safety and deep learning, or other topics, while educating the transportation-focused audience and clientele on a specific topic. 



An easy, minimal, and effective way to participate is to donate compute resources (as AWS and Microsoft has done) to be used by participants.



Executives, Staff, or Interns at at a firm might sign up for a steady engagement with the project (5 to 20 hours per month, June to Nov.), during which they'd curate and work on their own custom solution for a government entity on the metropolitan or national level. 



Please feel free to connect directly with Dave Goodsmith dave@datascience.com or Meredith Lee (mmlee@berkeley.edu) who are working to onboard enterprise participants.  

The partnership program errs on the side of inclusion -- please consider yourself a partner if you and your company support the application of data science to save lives on a national scale.  The next step is simply to figure out how much you can benefit from and contribute to the project.