Full Proposal - “MetroInsight: Knowledge Discovery and Real-Time Interventions from Sensory Data Flows in Urban Spaces”

1) University of California-San Diego, Principal Investigator: Rajesh Gupta, Co-Principal Investigator:Ilkay Altintas, Julian McAuley; 2) University of California-Los Angeles, Principal Investigator:Mani Srivastava, Co-Principal Investigator: Rajit Gadh; 2) Arizona State University, Principal Investigator: Shade Shutters. Abstract available here.

Add detail about collaboration opportunities following phone conversation (9/23)

MetroInsight PI team is planning to meet in person in late October, likely in southern CA - would be helpful to have hub presence at meeting (for a half day) - afterwards, we should revisit how WBDIH can get new groups involved