Open Sidewalks and e-mission

As part of the Transportation Safety Data Challenge, West Big Data Hub organizers introduced the e-mission and OpenSidewalks projects. e-mission, from UC Berkeley, is an open-source, extensible platform for collecting human travel data. OpenSidewalks, from UWashington (supported by The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology, and the eScience Institute), works with local communities to collect open data about sidewalk infrastructure and accessibility attributes and make the data publicly available through a map layer on OpenStreetMap (OSM). OpenSidewalks plans to customize and extend the e-mission platform to build a tool that facilitiates studying how individual preferences and mobility needs dictate the routing choices we make in the built environment.

The e-mission and OpenSidewalks teams have already begun working closely with each other. The OpenSidewalks team has installed a copy of the e-mission server to store the data that they plan to collect ( They have also customized the default e-mission end-of-trip survey to collect data about the pedestrian trip experience, and changed the onboarding and authentication (e.g.

The OpenSidewalks team has also contributed code (an integration with OpenID connect) to the core e-mission platform ( The e-mission project has enabled the default e-mission app switch to the custom OpenSidewalk UI by clicking on a link ( This allows the OpenSidewalks project to quickly prototype their tool without waiting for the app store review channels.
OpenSidewalks plans to start pilots of the data collection and annotation tool in the last quarter of 2017.