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Dangerous by Design

Between 2005 and 2014, a total of 46,149 people were struck and killed by cars while walking in the United States. In 2014, the most recent year for which data are available, 4,884 people were killed by a car while walking—105 people more than in 2013. Dangerous by Design 2016 takes a closer look at this alarming epidemic. The fourth edition once again examines the metro areas that are the most dangerous for people walking. It also includes a racial and income-based examination of the people who are most at risk, and for the first time also ranks states by their danger to pedestrians.

Open Sidewalks and e-mission

As part of the Transportation Safety Data Challenge, West Big Data Hub organizers introduced the e-mission and OpenSidewalks projects. e-mission, from UC Berkeley, is an open-source, extensible platform for collecting human travel data. OpenSidewalks, from UWashington (supported by The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology, and the eScience Institute), works with local communities to collect open data about sidewalk infrastructure and accessibility

AV survey of bicyclists and pedestrians in Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh, Autonomous Vehicle (AV) companies have been testing autonomous vehicles since September 2016. However, the tech is new, and there have been some high-profile behavior that we believe warrants a larger conversation. So in early 2017, we set out to design a survey to see both how BikePGH donor-members, and Pittsburgh residents at large, feel about about sharing the road with AVs as a bicyclist and/or as a pedestrian.