NSF Big Data Spokes: Requesting a Letter of Collaboration from a Big Data Hub

The National Science Foundation has released the Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs: Establishing Spokes to Advance Big Data Applications (BD Spokes) solicitation.  The solicitation requires that PIs obtain Letters of Collaboration from the Big Data Innovation Hub associated with the PI's location.  Please note: this is a limited submission; we recommend that PIs request Letters of Collaborations before their institutions decide on which proposal to submit. 

Deadline to Request a Letter of Collaboration: June 19th, 2017


The Big Data (BD) Hubs have worked together to streamline a process for submitting Letter of Collaboration requests. Proposers are encouraged to begin by reaching out to the BD Hub serving their respective regions. This is determined by the institution of the lead Principal Investigator. For example, if the lead PI on a collaborative proposal is from an institution in Virginia, the proposal would be submitted to the South Hub (no matter the locations of other collaborators). However, if a proposer's expertise, interest, and project scope align strongly with the regional priorities of another BD Hub, the proposer may collaborate with that BD Hub.

Forms and details about the Letters of Collaboration process have been posted on the individual Hub websites below.

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please contact your Hub and/or NSF if you have any questions. 

Central landing page: https://www.bigdatahubs.io/spokes17/ 

Midwest: midwestbigdatahub.org | info@midwestbigdatahub.org 

Northeast: nebigdatahub.org | contact@nebigdatahub.org 

South: southbigdatahub.org | info@southbigdatahub.org 

West: westbigdatahub.org | info@westbigdatahub.org 

NSF: Contact Fen Zhao at fzhao@nsf.gov